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Here you'll find information on policies and practices that you'll need to know when planning your classes.


CSULB Syllabus Policy

All faculty are required to provide students with a course syllabus. The link above provides the detailed requirements for your syllabus. Below you'll find a syllabus template.

Accessible Syllabus Template

Creating an Engaging and Effective Syllabus

A good syllabus should provide required information AND be engaging to students. Below are a few links to help you create an engaging and effective syllabus.

The toolbar to your left will take you to an entire page on assessment.

CSULB Office Hour Policy

All faculty members are required to hold office hours and those hours must be posted on your syllabi. Please review the office hour policy to determine how many hours to include on your syllabi.

Scholarly Teaching

The CSU provides Teaching Commons which houses a wide variety of resources to support your teaching. Select this link to view resources on scholarly teaching.

Efficient and Effective Teaching

This PowerPoint and accompanying "Tips" link provide information on research-based efficient and effective teaching strategies.

Additional CSULB Teaching Policies

CSULB has several teaching and course policies that must be addressed in the syllabus. Below you'll find the policies you'll need to know before you begin teaching your course.

Course Withdrawal Policy

Class Attendance Policy

Final Course Grades & Procedures

Grade Appeals

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

  • Plagiarism Video