Below are links to instructions you'll need to get started using CSULB's Learning Management System called BeachBoard.

Activating a Course

Your course shell is provided in BeachBoard, but it is not available for anyone but you to see until you "activate" the course. This link takes you to instructions for activating your courses.

Content Quick Start Guide

The Content tool is where the instructor can post the syllabus, course documents, assignments, external web links and more.

Course Management Quick Start Guide

This guide addresses the typical course management processes for instructors, i.e. making the course available, copying course materials from one semester to another, and contacting students.

Dropbox and Turnitin Quick Guide

This guide describes how to set up Dropbox folders where students can submit their assignments. Once assignments are submitted, the instructor can download assignments as zip files, sort assignments by users, check submission times, grade assignments, leave feedback, and return submissions with comments, all from within the Dropbox tool. Turnitin is embedded within this tool.

Communication Tools Quick Guide

This guide provides a quick introduction to the possible communication tools within a course, i.e. News, Discussions, Email, Widgets, Calendar/Events, and Online Rooms.

Grade Book Quick Start

This guide provides a quick overview on how to use the Grades tool to manage and share grades with students.

Additional BeachBoard Resources