Particular educational activities are unusually effective at deepening college student investment in learning and persistence. These educational activities are commonly referred to as High Impact Practices (in Higher Education), or HIPs.

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) lists 10 HIPs that are are linked to deep learning, self-reported learning gains, and persistence in school across a range of student groups/demographics. Click on each link below to see a description of each HIP, as provided by the AAC&U:

First-Year Seminars and Experiences

Common Intellectual Experiences

Learning Communities

Writing-Intensive Courses

Collaborative Assignments and Projects

Undergraduate Research

Diversity/Global Learning

Service & Community-Based


Capstone Courses & Projects

You can also find more resources and information on HIPs in Higher Education directly from the AAC&U here.

This handbook is a great resource for assignments that help students improve their writing skills:

More CSULB Resources for High Impact Practices

CSULB also has several units who provide additional support for HIPs. They include:

HIPs in hybrid or online courses

Additional Resources